Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Startup Doubler 1.0 is out. It's no longer a beta product.

Aaron Light 1.2.1 is out. It "patches the indeterminate progress bars (barber poles) in MT-NewsWatcher 2.3.5, removes the dialog box patch for BBEdit that was causing problems, and fixes a glitch drawing default button borders."

3400 RAM problem O'Grady's PowerPage claims that some of the free 32 Mb modules that Apple is giving away with the purchase of a new PowerBook 3400 may have a problem. "TechWorks has reportedly stated that the RAM cards marked LOT 9732415 (Product #11864-0002) are based on a previous RAM card design and are incompatible. LOT 9740206 (Product # 11865-0001) have been modified at Apple's direction for the PowerBook 3400."

MBDF B virus and Type 3 errors Stephen Hunt had an outbreak of MBDF B virus among his Mac clients. The main symptom was a Type 3 error when launching a Fox Pro database or Word 6.01a. If you have this problem, do a virus check for your entire drive.

Icon file bug causes a crash? While the icon file bug (reported previously) remains primarily a cosmetic issue, Ulix Goettsch describes a case where it caused a system crash. The icon file showed up in the Install folder of his PalmPilot software. When he tried to do a HotSync, the file caused a crash.

New 200Mb floppy format According to a story in MacWEEK, "Sony Corp. and Fuji Photo Film Ltd. last week announced a 200-Mbyte floppy drive (HiFD, High Capacity Floppy Disk) that will be backward-compatible with current 1.44-Mbyte media. The drive, spinning at 3,600 rpm, will be capable of a maximum sustained data transfer rate of 3.6 Mbytes per second, Sony said. By contrast, current 3.5-inch floppy mechanisms can transfer data at 0.06 Mbytes per second." Looks like serious competition for Zip drives.

Apple's Rhapsody links: Interested in knowing more about Rhapsody? Check out Apple's two main web pages on the subject: one at devworld and one at macos.

G3 card The MRP has a review of the new 275 MHz PowerForce G3 card.

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