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Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

PC Compatibility 1.6.4 is out (2 disk images). It replaces PC Compatibility 1.6.1.

LaserWriter 8.5.1 is out (6 disk images).

LW 8.5.1 glitch with Preferences file? I cannot confirm this as yet but Luke Hamburg claims: "Easy install of LW 8.5.1 software seems to remove the LaserWriter 8 Prefs file from your Preferences folder. Apparently this file is no longer needed. However, I have had this cause a problem with KeyQuencer 2.1 (specifically the "usePrinter" function no longer worked to switch printer configurations). Putting back an old copy of my LW 8 prefs fixes this problem."

Update: Richard Blanchard replies: "With LaserWriter 8.5.1, the Preferences file has moved from the top-most Preferences folder into the Printing Prefs folder in Preferences. The Installer removes older LaserWriter drivers and therefore also removes the older preferences file. KeyQuencer may work if an old Preferences file is placed in the old location, but whatever mucking it does in that old file will have no effect upon LaserWriter 8.5.1."

The preview release of GearBox 1.5 is available. This is a final candidate release that expires December 15, 1997.

Installing Cubase VST with Mac OS 8 Ellis Peters (or Pritchard) has some suggestions on how to install Cubase VST 3.5 on a Mac running Mac OS 8, even though an Apple TIL file says you cannot do this.

Novell NetWare Never having used Novell's NetWare, I often find it difficult to respond to questions about problems with this software. Happily, a recent MacInTouch column in MacWEEK, summarizes some recent information.