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Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Cross Platform If you need to know information about sharing files with Windows machines, a new program called Cross Platform may help (it's from the people who make Name Cleaner).

BBEdit Update glitch solved Todd Bangerter could not get the BBEdit 4.5.1a Update to work. He finally guessed that it might have been due to the fact that he had previously modified the memory size of the BBEdit application (which added a new SIZE 1 resource to the file). In any case, starting over with a clean copy of BBEdit allowed the Update to succeed.

New Sleeper beta Sleeper 3.0.1b11 is now available. This version corrects problems in the last beta which could leave the speaker in a muted state, as well as fixing some display anomalies when Sleeper is run in conjunction with GoMac or Kaleidoscope.

Mac OS Runtime for Java 1.5.1 (MRJ) is out An article in MacWEEK notes that Mac OS Runtime for Java 1.5.1 (beta) is available. It fixes a security bug.

Apple News (1) This week Apple announced a change in its distribution channels and anounced a new relationship with CompUSA. An InfoWorld article summarizes the details. (2) The latest rumors are running against Steve Jobs being named the permanent CEO. (3) Finally, November 10 is shaping up as the big day for Apple to announce its latest hardware, notably the G3 desktop Macs and the G3 PowerBook.