Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

More on folder opening delays We have previously commented on delays in opening Finder folders in Mac OS 8. I noticed a new wrinkle in this matter on my computer. The delay only occurred when I started up with Extensions off: a folder with a large number of items and set to List View took less than 3 seconds to open with Extensions on but over 18 seconds with Extensions off. None of the previously mentioned work-arounds helped.

MiniCad Align Objects fix Regarding our previous report of the Align Objects command in MiniCad 7.0 not working in Mac OS 8, readers Paul Lindblad and Settimio Perlini both pointed out that Frank Clementi has written a macro that can substitute for this feature. It is available at the MiniCad FreePage.

Dayna driver fix As reported by Dana Lau and Perry Moutzouros, if you are having problems (such as with ftp transfers) with a Dayna E/PCI card, there is a beta version of the driver (DaynaPORT_772b3, available at <ftp://beta:tonkatsu@ftp.dayna.com/beta>) that Dayna claims should fix the problem.

Lasso CGI security flaw AMSYS Hot News recently reported: "that the Lasso CGI product from Blue World Communications, Inc. has a security flaw that can make it possible for any file on any Macintosh web server supporting CGIs to be accessed (read only) regardless of security restrictions imposed by the web server. StarNine Technologies is advising users of its WebSTAR servers to remove the current Lasso CGI from active use and replace it with an updated version of Lasso that can be obtained from Blue World.

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