Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

a. Shut down freeze in 7.6.1 Regarding the previously mentioned shut down freeze problem, Ed Lovelace offers yet another possible fix: Disable PointCast Monitor Engine.

b. CopyPaste freeze There may be a startup freeze conflict between the newly released CopyPaste 3.3.1a and PPPMenu 2.0.2. Reverting to CopyPaste 3.3 fixes the problem (as spotted on the MRP).

Update: Julian Miller of Script Software writes: "We think people should use the latest CopyPaste 3.3.1a and rearrange the loading order of extensions. This does not appear to be a CopyPaste problem." In particular, they received the following reader report: "The problem results when the PC Exchange Control Panel loads before the FreePPP Menu Control Panel."

c. Problems accessing Apple's web site continue Many many readers continue to report problems accessingvarious pages on Apple's web site. I have no information as to what the problem may be.

d. Floppy disk not mounting: Jacques Lederrey writes: "I had the same problem on my 7200/90 with 7.6.1: removing Glidel (a shareware extension that extends Apple's drag and drop feature) solved the problem.

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