Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Updating TechTool Pro 2 If you are having trouble getting the TechTool Pro 2.0.3 Updater to successfully update, or if TechTool Pro itself crashes on launch immediately after completing the update, contact MicroMat tech support for advice.

Newer to market USB devices for the iMac Newer Technology plans to release a "family of Universal Serial Bus (USB)-based appliances. These devices will be initially marketed to users of the new iMac computer from Apple Computer. These products should begin shipping later this year. Newer's initial USB devices will include an external floppy drive as well as a USB to Mac serial converter."

Mac OS 8.5 on track Almost lost in all the recent reporting about Mac OS X is that Apple continues to move toward a late summer release of Mac OS 8.5. According to the press release from last week: "Mac OS 8.5--code named Allegro--advances Internet integration on the Mac with new find and browsing capabilities and even easier Internet set up. Mac OS 8.5 will also include new features for power users, such as fast file transfer optimized for 100 MBps Ethernet and a full PowerPC implementation of AppleScript. As well as enhancing existing Apple technologies, Mac OS 8.5 introduces new services for developers that will allow them to begin development for Mac OS X."

Apple resellers cut back A MacWEEK story covers Apple's decision to "prune" its network of authorized resellers.