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Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Internet Explorer 4.01 and problems viewing Deja News articles Three readers have reported problems viewing articles on the Deja News web site when using Explorer 4.01. Essentially, the symptom is that all the message text prints as one "garbled paragraph" with no line breaks or carriage returns. The problem did not occur when using Navigator. I tried this out myself and had no problem with either Explorer or Navigator. So this looks like another one of those problems that affect only some users. However, one reader was told by Deja News Tech Support that they "are having problems with Explorer and that I should use Netscape Communicator instead."

Anti-Autostart worm utility on AOL Ben Furuta writes that "Doug Baer has posted WormFood 1.2, an anti-Autostart 9805 freeware utility, on America Online. Check: Computing: Download Software: Utilities and Tools: Antivirus Utilities."

Director 6.5 and Font menu limit Scott Aronian found a problem with Macromedia Director 6.5: "The Font menu now has a limit of 256 items. I called Macromedia and they blamed Adobe Type Manager 4.0. But I can run both Director 6.0 and 6.5 at the same time and 6.0 sees all the fonts and 6.5 sees only 255."

Home Page and PaperPort conflict I have just noticed an odd conflict on my 7500: the ScanDirect To popup menu from the PaperPort Strobe software sometimes appears in the popup menu of the Link Editor in Home Page. A unexpected quit of Home Page will usually soon follow.