Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

F/A Hornet and Mac OS 8 conflict Theodore J. Koniares reports that Graphic Simulations told him that a problem with sound cutting out while using F/A-18 Hornet v3.0.1 was due to an incompatibility with Mac OS 8 is the problem. They added: "We may have some patches to correct these problems, but nothing official has been planned as yet."

Startup Doubler 1.1 is out. "This new version can accelerate startups even after a crash, and it adds support for Mac OS 8.1 and the Mac OS Extended Disk Format."

Total Recall web site Many readers have reported getting a "No DNS entry" when trying to access Total Recall's web site. Total Recall claims this is because they are updating to a T1 line and that the web site will online again soon.

MacFixIt at Macworld Expo My first day at the Expo will actually be today. I hope to have a full report of the day's findings posted by tomorrow.