Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends


Some quick odds and ends before I collapse:

Three new TILs from Apple Two cover G3 installation issues. The first notes (as we have pointed out before) that some of the individual installers will not work if launched independently of the "Mac OS Install" application. The second states: "If you run the Mac OS Install application on the PowerBook G3 CD, then "Custom Install" or "Custom Remove" software from the Mac OS 8 package, the PowerBook G3 Installer will run immediately afterwards and install software specific to the PowerBook G3. This is to ensure that all system software necessary to operate the PowerBook G3 remains on the computer after the selected software has been installed or removed." The third covers "Desktop Printing: Error "-192 at 18" at Startup."

AT&T live support to remain? MacInTouch reports that AT&T WorldNet now says that live support for Mac will continue, despite previous reports to the contrary.

Pretty Scroll has been updated to 1.0.4. It is a control panel that animates scrolling. "When scrolling through a document, it is sometimes hard to find the last point you viewed, especially if it was located near the end of the document. Pretty Scroll makes it easier. Because the scrolling process is animated, you can follow the movement and find the last point easily."

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