Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Startup Doubler 1.1 crashes Four readers have now reported that, after installing Startup Doubler 1.1, their Mac crashed at startup. Version 1.0 worked.

Startup Delay to be fixed in Mac OS 8.1? Paul Clark writes: "Apple Support has posted a response on the Performa Discussion Board which confirms that OS 8.1 will indeed fix the start-up delay problem (previously discussed here at MacFixIt) experienced by so many Performa users."

StuffIt Deluxe Magic Menu Command key shortcuts fix? Ean White claims that the problem with Magic Menu Command key shortcuts not working can be solved by having the True Finder Integration control panel load at the end of the extensions loading order (either by using Conflict Catcher or by placing a tilde (~) in front of the name.

Update: This solution does not work for all users, based on email I have received.

Norton Utilities update tidbit Jeremy Banford claims that a Symantec representative at Macworld Expo told him that the HFS compatible version of Norton Utilities (the one that can really fix HFS disks) would not be out for around six months (they had led me to believe it would be out sooner), and that it would be a "significant" upgrade, with other new features. Symantec will probably charge for it.

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