Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

HP to make printers for the Mac again From an Apple press release: Apple and Hewlett-Packard have ended their differences and are once again "partnering to deliver HP's state-of-the-art printers to Macintosh customers. As part of the agreement, HP will make future ink-jet printers compatible with the Mac OS. In addition, Apple will resell a selection of HP's ink-jet printers to its education customers."

Common file formats on the Internet Don't know an aiff from an exe from an scr file? A new Apple TIL file reveals all.

Hard Disk spin up during sleep Does your Power Macintosh 8600 hard disk spin up during sleep? Energy Saver is the culprit. Apple is working on a solution.

PrivateFile may delete your file? MacInTouch reports a problem with Aladdin's PrivateFile utility: "If you set the preference to securely delete your original file after encryption, and you cancel the encryption process after it has started, your original file is deleted, and you have no encrypted version either." There is no warning that this will happen.

Eudora Pro 4.0.1 Updater is out.

Possible problem with Eudora Internet Mail Server 2.1 Updater From Erik Van-der-Mey: "The Updater deleted my Admin application, cannot administer my mail server, unless I revert to version 2.0.1. I even reinstalled 2.0 from my originally purchased Installer and attempted to run the Updater. Same result, server app was updated, Admin app was deleted and the Updater advised me to quit or reinstall. Selecting reinstall yielded the same result." Glenn Anderson, of QualComm, replies: "Nobody else has reported this." He speculates the problem could be due to a corrupted Updater. I will report on further developments.

Instant QuicKeys CE Software has announced Instant QuicKeys, a new, low-cost automation tool that eliminates time-consuming, repetitive tasks. The shareware product should be available by May 8. A demo version will also be online.

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