Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Kodak and Yamaha conflict We have word that Kodak Type F discs are not compatible with the Yamaha CDR400 and (possibly) the CDR200 drives.

Get Info comments lost when sending email attachments? Scott Rose found that "if you send an attachment through email, any comments in the Get Info box are erased."

Formac SCSI card for iMac needs termination or iMac will not start? Lorenzo Perone found that he could not startup his revision B iMac after installing the Formac iProRaid UW-SCSI card (the one that goes in the "unsupported" mezzanine slot) unless there was a terminated SCSI device attached to the card. He adds: "When I attached a terminator only to the cable (no device: just a terminator withvarious adapters), the iMac starts."

MacSpeedZone updates MacSpeedZone has avariety of updates including one titled "Why Fast Bus Speeds May Slow Your G3 Down" and another that asks "When is a 366 MHz upgrade card 69% better than a 400 MHz upgrade card?

Lost password? If you have lost your password for your PowerBook, an Apple TIL article (#24826) states that: "Your Apple-authorized service provider can bypass Password Security for you without causing your data to be lost." Otherwise, reformatting is the only way to regain access to the drive.

466MHz G3 upgrades PowerLogix today announced the shipment of new models of the award-winning line of PowerForce G3 processor upgrades. Following IBM's announcement today of their 466 MHz PowerPC 750 (G3) chip, the PowerForce G3 ZIF 466 is now the fastest processor available for Power Macintosh. "The performance of the 466 G3 is truly amazing. It doubles the clock speed, the cache speed, and the cache size of the original PowerMac G3 233." said Robert Jagitsch, President of PowerLogix.

MacFixIt news I am pleased to annouce that Shawn Platkus has been added to the "staff" of MacFixIt. Check out the "About" page for more details.

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