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Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

Mac OS X Server is due out at any moment. Check this web page for an interesting PDF document (if you have trouble accessing the link, try this alternate link).

Star Wars trailer QuickTime movie Apple is hosting a QuickTime movie of the new Star Wars trailer, released in theaters tioday.

Apple Displays and bus errors According to a new Apple TIL (#58291), if you are getting bus errors after installing Apple Displays 1.7, zap your PRAM.

Interex mouse problem fixed by new drivers? Tom Porett reports using the scrolling function on the Interex mouse would result in a system freeze. Interex told him they were working on a fix. There are new drivers just released which may fix this.

ORB drive in Singapore The ORB drive may not yet be out in the U.S. but Danny Wong writes: "Castlewood Systems is selling the ORB IDE Drive with one cartridge (US$19) in Singapore with the price of less than US$199.00 for internal to replace the Zip Drive for G3/350 series." He has one and claims it works well.

PPPMenu problem? Rick Reynolds (of Rockstar Software) writes: "We got a report today that PPPMenu version 2.0.6 is not getting along with Navigator 4.5. Have you heard this? Can you ask your readers if they have?" Done!

A new preview release of the iCab web browser is out.

Optima Technology: open or closed? Regarding our previous report that Optima Technology had "closed its doors": Julius Wilpon was told that they are closed for only 1 month for inventory purposes." We'll see.