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OCZ intros 'affordable' Onyx solid-state drive

OCZ technology releases a new solid-state drive that costs less than $100 for 32GB of storage.

OCZ's new Onyx solid-state drive. OCZ

More storage vendors are introducing solid-state hard drives these days; however, SSD prices have yet to go down to anywhere near the price of traditional hard drives. Sadly, the new SSD from OCZ hasn't changed that.

The company, known mostly as a maker of system memory, introduced its OCZ Onyx drive on Wednesday. According to OCZ, the drive offers "reliable performance without the high price normally associated with SSD drives." Yet the drive costs about $100 for the 32GB version. In comparison, you can get a 500GB high-speed SATA2 hard drive for about the same price.

Nonetheless, the OCZ Onyz is indeed one of the most affordable SSDs on the market. But it's about 15 times the price of traditional laptop hard drives when compared in terms of cost per gigabyte.

According to OCZ, its new "budget" Onyx SSD also comes with 64MB of cache memory and delivers up to 125MBps read and 70MBps write speeds. The Onyx SSD also has a durable and lightweight housing, according to the company, and like all other SSDs, it has no moving parts and therefore uses much less energy than traditional hard drives.

The Onyx is available now. The 2.5-inch drive uses the standard SATA2 interface. This means you can use it to replace your laptop's existing hard drive, in case you want to replace a huge amount of storage for a slightly better battery life and a possible improvement in system performance.