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Octomom launches site for personal bailout

Nadya Suleyman, the woman who already had 6 children but had fertility treatment that brought her 8 more, has launched a site so that you can give her money.

You have surely heard of Nadya Suleman. Perhaps you even know her well. She is the woman who, despite already having 6 children, decided to enjoy a little fertility treatment that recently brought her octuplets.

This despite having being allegedly diagnosed with depression, paranoia and wild mood swings. Oh, yes, and post-traumatic stress syndrome. There is also speculation that she may have a fixation about Angelina Jolie.

But who are we to judge whether a woman should have 14 children or not? Or whether, indeed, like Ms. Suleman, there is anything wrong with having these 14 children using sperm donated by the same generous gentleman. We all make some interesting choices in life and sometimes we have no idea if they were the right ones for years.

The important thing is that we are all now free to give money to Ms. Suleman's suddenly inflated family. Ms. Suleman seems to be somewhat unemployed, so she would like you to help her bring up her soccer team and burgeoning bench.

Isn't Easter coming soon? I like Easter. CC Normanack

She has launched a website,, through which you can use your favorite credit card to help Ms. Suleman make more money. I'm sorry, I mean to help Ms. Suleman bring up her little bunnies.

Interestingly, the site also includes an address to which you can send gifts. It appears to be the address of the Killeen Furtney Group, which seems to be rather less involved in child relations and rather more involved in public relations.

I am now going to go for a walk and give out $20 bills to the first ten homeless people I encounter. What will you do?