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Octa-core Galaxy S4 trounces UK's quad-core, report says

Reported benchmark scores peg the eight-core Samsung Galaxy S4 as much speedier than the variant we'll be getting here in the UK.

Troubling news for British tech fans -- early reports suggest the Galaxy S4 with an octa-core processor is much more powerful than the quad-core variant that's coming to the UK.

Samsung's next flagship isn't out until 26 April, though Samsung blog SamMobile claims to have put an "insider's" octa-core Galaxy S4 through some benchmark tests already, and says the eight-core monster scored a whopping 28,018 in the Antutu test.

The site compares those numbers with GSMArena's benchmark tests for the quad-core model, which Samsung has confirmed is the version the UK will be getting. In the same benchmark test the four-core S4 achieved a lower score of 23,607.

Word that the model we'll be getting isn't as potent as the octa-core variant -- which Samsung initially said would be coming our way -- will frustrate Android fans hoping for the best of the best.

Reasons to hope

It's wise to take these numbers with a pinch of salt, as until the final product is on our reviewer's desk and being shoved through a gamut of tests, it's impossible to know for sure how powerful either variant truly is.

Secondly, if these scores are genuine, then both variants would be frighteningly powerful mobiles -- by comparison, last year's quad-core HTC One X scored 10,827 in the same test. While phone buyers understandably want as much power for their pound as possible, both models are shaping up to be very capable devices.

Finally, it's always worth bearing in mind that benchmarks rarely tell the whole story. While they're a convenient indicator of a smart phone's power, it's more important that a phone can load apps and flit through menus quickly, and manage its battery life in a sensible fashion. Again, we'll be examining all these things in our in-depth review.

Will you buy the Samsung Galaxy S4? Are you put off by news that it might not be as powerful as other variants? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.