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Ocosmos gaming gadget stars Windows 7

There's considerable buzz at IDF 2010 over the OCS 1, a handheld device based on the Oak Trail mobile CPU and running the full Windows 7 operating system.

Ocosmos OCS 1
The Ocosmos OCS 1--should the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable be worried? Damian Koh/CNET Asia

SAN FRANCISCO--Tucked away at one corner of the Intel Developer Forum Technology Showcase area is Korea-based company Ocosmos. Never heard of the brand? You're not alone, but the company's product, scheduled to be showcased at Wednesday's IDF keynote, is generating quite a buzz . We're talking about the OCS 1--a handheld gaming device based on the Oak Trail mobile CPU which runs the full Windows 7 operating system.

According to the company's representative, the OCS 1 is primarily designed as a portable gaming and entertainment device, but there are plans to embed a 3G or even an LTE radio in the future. Its selling point is that it can run both online and offline games such as Starcraft II and World of Warcraft along with 3D development tools. In a nutshell, you're looking at a full-fledged PC OS on a mobile device.

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