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Obsolete CD player gets cool retro makeover

Tinkerers strip old CD player down to its innards and transplant it into a custom retro-styled chassis to make a new audio system.

DIY speaker from CD player

You could either junk your obsolete CD player or give it a full makeover like this elaborate project by Russian site Steampunker. The player was stripped down to its innards and transplanted into a custom retro-styled chassis crafted out of wood and brass. Special touches such as analog dials and matching legs were also added.

To complete the audio system, a pair of PC speakers was given a similar overhaul in a vintage-looking cabinet for handling sound reproduction. Instructions for assembling this contraption are available here.

If you need something more rigid and contemporary, there's always the DIY ammo box speaker as an alternative project.

(Source: Crave Asia via Born Rich)