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Obsidian reveals The Outer Worlds, a new sci-fi RPG, at Game Awards 2018

The developers of Fallout: New Vegas put the FPS RPG in sci-fi. Yes, please.

The Game Awards

The first trailer for Obsidian's next project, The Outer Worlds, was unveiled during the 2018 Game Awards ceremony on December 6. 

With a retro-sci-fi vibe and a wonderful Western colour palette, The Outer Worlds looks to continue Obsidian's strong tradition of delivering dense RPGs. With The Outer Worlds they're taking their craft to a whole new universe. There were spaceships and space guns and space people and space aliens and... there were a lot of space things, OK?

Obsidian, who have delivered story-driven RPG classics such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Pillars of Eternity, were acquired by Microsoft in November. However, the studio has stated that it will still operate largely independently.

You can watch the trailer below:

There was a time when Obsidian worked on the Fallout series -- back with Fallout: New Vegas -- and if Fallout 76 isn't scratching your itch, then here's something you can look forward to instead.

No solid release date was announced besides "2019" so keep your eyes peeled!

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