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Oblix overhauls management software

The software provider plans to release updates to its COREid 7.0 identity management software and to its COREsv 4.0 Web services management product.

Software provider Oblix plans to release two updates later this month, to its identity management software and its Web services management product, which were gained through the acquisition of Confluent Software in February of this year.

COREid 7.0 will add a feature for automatically establishing a user account in a company's directory and introduces compliance tools for tracking the history of network log-ons. COREsv 4.0, which is used to enforce security policies in communication between applications, has been changed so that people can reuse access policies already configured in COREid identity management software. Separately, Oblix will announce a deal with Tibco Software to resell Oblix's Web services management software with Tibco's integration product, according to people familiar with the company's plans.