ObjectSupportLib 1.2 problems?

ObjectSupportLib 1.2 problems?


Speaking of OSL 1.2, I continue to get reports that it has not solved all the problems that plagued earlier versions of this file. Here are two recent examples:

a. William Pimentel reports a bug with Strata Studio Pro and OSL 1.2: "It won't let you see the objects in shaded / flat view. You must use OSL 1.1.8 and have at least 48 megs of physical RAM."

Update: Meredith Lesly reports that this problem may be more related to a bug in QuickDraw 3D than to OSL. She has details on her web site.

b. Bennett Neiman writes: ObjectSupportLib 1.2: caused freezes with PageMaker 6.5. Erich Schmidt, however, reports that PageMaker 6.5 works fine with OSL 1.2.

c. On the plus side, Jim Hoover reported that updating to OSL 1.2 eliminated repeated Type 84 errors that he was having.

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