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Objects in Space lets you feel like a true spaceship captain (PAX Aus 2015)

"Less like World War II dogfighters, more like Cold War submarines": That was the mantra for Flat Earth Games when they decided to create a game that got space right.

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PAX Australia 2015 ran from October 30 to November 1 and once again proved that the gaming and geek culture show is an absolute mecca for the best that the independent gaming scene has to offer.

Combine open-world trading and unforgiving space combat that makes "Hunt for Red October" look like a game of Battleship and you've got Objects in Space.

Flat Earth Games (who gave us Metrocide last year) wanted to get a sense of just how big space is when it came to combat. In Objects in Space, any combat takes place well outside of visual range, making it a case of cat-and-mouse tactics, as co-founder Leigh Harris puts it, players "poring over scanner arrays trying to discern asteroids from foes, or trying to use nebulas to run and hide if an enemy detects them first".

As a bonus, not only do you build your ship scratch, you can physically build your own control panel interface, as the game is compatible with Arduino's electronics building platform. Clean out the garage: You'll need some room to park the space ship.