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Obama's Web-video strategy revealed

The Democratic candidate for president sends nearly a half dozen people to shoot videos of him and get them up on YouTube fast. In some cases the time from "shoot to post" is 19 minutes.

There's an interesting blog at Silicon Alley Insider about how Barack Obama's team has exploited Web video better than Hillary Clinton's.

Obama's go-to guy for online is Arun Chaudhary, who spoke at an event at New York University. He says the senator devoted way more resources to video than Clinton.

At campaign stops, the Clintonites would send one person to tape her. Obama's side often would train five cameras on him at events.

"They posted new video constantly, and quickly--19 minutes from shoot to post, in one case," wrote Alley Insider's Michael Learmonth. "And they'd ping community voters via e-mail to alert them to new video."

Here's an interesting fact: the average viewer is middle-aged, between 45 and 55 years old. Also, the humorous videos weren't the most popular. Speeches and unscripted moments were the most viewed.

This undermines the argument that YouTube and Web video only reach teens and twenty-somethings.