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Obama's response to Eastwood most re-tweeted tweet of RNC

Clint Eastwood's berating of an invisible Obama launched a viral "Eastwooding" meme, but it was the president's response that garnered the most Twitter traction.

Screenshot by Eric Mack / CNET

While the Clint Eastwood speech and the acclaimed director's lecturing of an invisible President Obama stole the media spotlight during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, it was Obama's terse response via Twitter that received the most re-tweets during the GOP's big event in Florida.

A Twitter spokesperson told Talking Points Memo that the president's tweet -- which read "This seat's taken" and was accompanied with the above shot of a certain big-eared and very visible Democrat in the presidential chair -- was re-tweeted over 50,000 times. That made it the biggest tweet of the convention, and the second most retweeted message from Obama's account.

The president's tweet declaring his support of same sex marriage was his most re-tweeted ever.

Within minutes of Eastwood's speech, an "Eastwooding" meme spread across the social web, with hundreds of people uploading pictures of empty chairs. The president's filled seat was a notable exception to the trend.

Not to be forgotten, Twitter accounts such as @InvisibleObama and @ClintsChair seemed to spring up instantly to give a voice to the voiceless occupant of an empty chair on the RNC stage.

Despite all the cheekiness and some critical response to Eastwood's stunt in the media, the legendary director's reputation remains intact. Even the president himself told reporters this weekend that he was not offended by Eastwood's speech and praised his work.

"He is a great actor and an even better director," Obama told USA Today. "I think the last few movies that he's made have been terrific."

Turns out Eastwood is not "Unforgiven" after all.