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Obama shares Spotify playlist, likes Noah and the Whale

US president Barack Obama has shared his Spotify playlist and there are some surprising choices. Noah and the Whale? Ricky Martin?

It's a risky one, sharing your Spotify playlist -- especially if you're one the most important statesmen in the world, but Barack Obama has taken the plunge and shared his official 2012 campaign playlist.

And he goes down a little in our estimation, if we're being honest. REO Speedwagon? Fine for Alan Partridge maybe, but for the leader of the free world?

Other notable shockers on the 27-track list include Even Better Than The Real Thing by U2, Tonight's The Kind of Night by Noah And The Whale, and -- yes -- Ricky Martin. There is a nod to more modern fare, with Florence + The Machine's cover of You've Got The Love, and I Got You by Wilco.

Aretha Franklin makes an appearance with The Weight, and the boss is on board with We Take Care Of Our Own. Al Green's Let's Stay Together is a welcome addition, as is Keep On Pushing by The Impressions, fronted by Curtis Mayfield.

Obama made the announcement on Twitter. It's the official campaign playlist, so his advisers no doubt had a hand in the selection. (Speaking of which, No Doubt are also there with Different People.) Hence the slightly middle of the road array of tunes.

Obama is one of the most tech-savvy presidents ever, utilising social media to great effect during his campaign for office. He got an iPad 2 ahead of the official launch last March, and not only that, Steve Jobs personally presented it to him. Perk of the job, we suppose. He also hosted a dinner for some of tech's movers and shakers, including Jobs, Google's Eric Schmidt, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

What do you make of Obama's selection? And do you think he actually listens to Ricky Martin? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Pete Souza/White House