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Tech Industry

Obama names tech execs to transition team's Sonal Shah and former InterActiveCorp executive Julius Genachowski are named to the president-elect's transition team.

President-elect Barack Obama has named tech executives from and InterActiveCorp to his transition team, according to reports.'s Sonal Shah, and Julius Genachowski, a former IAC executive who also served as chief counsel to former Democratic FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, have both been named to the team, according to news reports.

Genachowski is a co-founder and managing director of Rock Creek Ventures, and is a founding partner of LaunchBox Digital, an early-stage investment firm based in Washington, D.C.

He attended law school with Obama, and helped stress the importance of high-tech issues in the campaign, The Washington Post reported.

Shah, who works for Google's philanthropy division, formerly served as a vice president at Goldman Sachs.

Obama's team is also reported to be readying a new Web site for the transition,, which, according to news reports will launch today.

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