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Obama meets Steve Jobs, sups with Marissa Mayer

With less than two weeks before Election Day, the president mingles with two Silicon Valley leaders: Apple's CEO and Google's leader of location-based services.

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama White House

President Barack Obama met yesterday with two ascendant Silicon Valley powers: Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Google VP Marissa Mayer.

With Jobs, Obama discussed American competitiveness and education, according to Reuters.

The president's visit to the home of Mayer and husband Zachary Bogue was for a $30,000-a-plate fund-raising dinner less than two weeks before mid-term elections, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Obama had good timing for catching people on the upswing.

Jobs this week revealed sleek new MacBook Air computers and announced Apple's quarterly profit of $4.31 billion.

Mayer--who is vice president of geographic and local services--isn't running Google, but she's a step closer with her promotion to Google's Operating Committee earlier this month. And like Apple, Google just reported its own strong quarter with a profit of $2.17 billion.