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Tech Industry

Obama campaign releases tech policy video

Racing toward Election Day, the Obama campaign posts a three-minute video that lays out his broad proposals for giving technology a boost.

Technology policy has been eclipsed by the economy and other matters in this year's presidential election, but Democrat Barack Obama's campaign released a video Sunday that addresses the issue.

The video, called "A Blueprint for Change: Technology," features Obama laying out broad proposals such as doubling federal funding for basic research, enforcing tough antitrust laws, and putting put government data like grants and federal lobbying contracts online in universally accessible formats.

The video, about three minutes long, is pieced together from parts of a speech he gave at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Republican John McCain can also be found online discussing technology policy extensively. In a video from the 2007 D: All Things Digital conference, he gives his position on a number of issues such as letting the free market resolve issues like Net neutrality.