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OASIS to churn out application "blueprints"

Standards body OASIS on Monday announced a project to create technical "blueprints" designed to accelerate creation of business applications around a services-oriented architecture.

The first meeting of the SOA Adoption Blueprints Technical Committee is slated for September 1, said Mike Matsumura, the proposed chair of the committee who is vice president of technology at Infravio.

The idea behind blueprints, or patterns, is to give application architects and developers a head start: rather than build common application types from scratch, a company could procure generic designs, or "recipes," and even sample code to jump start the process.

The OASIS technical committee already has a blueprint which represents the best practice for accessing several Web services through a Web portal, which was submitted by The Middleware Company, Matsumura said. He said that the committee expects to develop blueprints for other jobs and sample applications written in Java or Microsoft .Net languages.

"The goal is essentially getting agreement on what people are trying to do and to see what are the best ways to do those things," Matsumura said.

Representatives from Adobe Systems, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capgemini, DataPower, MW2 Consulting, Raining Data, Satyam, and Software AG are also on the committee.