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Oakley wants $450 for smart sunglasses that coach into your ear

A real-time, voice-activated coaching system is the key feature of this expensive pair of shades. Don't lose them.

Russ Hennings/Oakley

Ever wish your coach could ride around on your face?

Oakley, in partnership with Intel, is intent on realizing that dream. Today the company's Radar Pace glasses, er, Smart Eyewear, go on sale. The price is listed at $450 on Oakley's site, currently showing one five-star user review.

"Radar Pace is a real-time voice activated coaching system that creates a unique training program, tracks your performance and coaches you in the moment," the site says.

The specs work in conjunction with an app to analyze heart rate, speed, cadence, distance and time. It dynamically adjusts your training as you improve, according to the company, creating a customized training program. But the real innovation is voice.

The system, first announced at CES, responds to questions such as, "What's today's workout?" and "How's my pace?" after hearing the keyphrase "OK Radar." The voice on Oakley's website is, like Alexa and Siri, pleasant and female. Maybe a berating R. Lee Ermey drill sergeant voice will be an optional add-on later.