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O2 Xda Zest: The Xda brand lives on

O2's latest Xda device is small and chubby and feels cheap. Fortunately, it is cheap, and packed full of goodness too.

Before O2 got involved with the iPhone and its wondrous touchscreen, it used to shout about its Xda range of Windows Mobile handsets a lot more. But if you thought the Xda was dead, then think again, because O2 has been quietly releasing a whole bunch of new handsets, including the Xda Zest.

The Xda Zest is a small chubby Windows Mobile 6.1 handset that packs in a lot of modern features, but can't help looking like a blast from the past. You get HSDPA, GPS, Wi-Fi and a 3-megapixel camera -- all lovely, but let down by an inexpensive plastic casing that picks up fingerprints very easily.

Most importantly, it's cheap. The O2 Xda Zest is either available for free on a monthly contract or £250 on pay as you go. That may not sound like a good deal, but when you add up all its features you'll be hard-pushed to find a better deal out there.

Some of O2's other Xda devices such as the Xda Ignito (aka HTC Touch Diamond) and Xda Serra (aka HTC Touch Pro) are much more refined, but if you're looking for a compact, cheap Windows Mobile handset then this could be it. Expect a full review soon.