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O2 gives more minutes and texts on iPhone tariffs

O2 has announced it's changing its tariffs, including for the iPhone, which will see users on the £35 per month tariff get triple the number of minutes and double the texts

Today O2 announced it's introducing a new pricing structure across the network, which will see six new, apparently simpler, tariffs and free voicemail made available to all existing and new customers from 1 February.

This tariff restructuring will also affect the current iPhone tariffs, giving existing users on the cheapest £35 per month contract three times more minutes (600) and double the number of texts (400).

iPhone owners on a £45 per month contract will be offered the same number of minutes and texts as the previous £55 contract -- 1,200 minutes and 500 texts. If you were on the £55 per month contract you'll either be offered a £10 deduction from your monthly bill or the chance to upgrade to a new, very expensive, £75 per month contract that gives you 3,000 minutes and 500 texts.

Furthermore, non-iPhone O2 customers who pay for 600 minutes or more per month will be offered a free bolt-on service, which includes either unlimited data, unlimited texts or unlimited weekend calls. If you're on a lower contract these will cost you £7.50 per month.

We've moaned about the iPhone contract and now O2 has done something about it. Now all that has to happen is a reduction in the price of the iPhone itself and those humble iPhone sales figures might see a very sharp spike in the UK. -Andrew Lim