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O2 and Be top UK ISP satisfaction survey, Orange trails

Internet providers O2 and Be Unlimited have topped the customer satisfaction charts in a recent UK survey, with Orange trailing in tenth place

O2 and Be Unlimited have topped the customer satisfaction charts in a recent survey on Internet service providers by Out of the ten largest UK ISPs, Orange trailed in tenth place for its customer service throughout 2008, with just 33 per cent customers saying they were satisfied with Orange's support.

BT Group's PlusNet, Sky and Virgin Media came in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively. TalkTalk, AOL, Pipex and Tiscali filled out the top ten, with all four ISPs receiving customer satisfaction ratings below 39 per cent.

The site's results for small and niche broadband providers, such as Madasafish, IDNet and Zen Internet, show much higher levels of customer satisfaction. In fact, IDNet tops the charts with 87 per cent of respondents claiming they're satisfied with the customer service they receive.

The outsource of the problem

Outsourcing customer service call centres overseas has been a sure-fire way to aggravate frustrated customers. It's a tedious and infuriating way to resolve even simple service problems, and that O2, which only uses UK-based call centres, tops the charts for customer service strikes us as unsurprising.

What ISP do you use, and how has your customer service experience been? We put the question out on Twitter. Katiesol said of Orange, "I wouldn't use them again for all the tea in China." Adebond thought Virgin Media was "awesome", contrary to VincentThacker's opinions. Both IanRendall and Edwards80 spoke favourably of Sky, but Be Unlimited and O2 stole the show with SusiWeaser wanting "to marry everyone at Be", and CNET UK's Ian Morris and yours truly "couldn't be happier".

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.