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O, yes: Philips shows new Apple AirPlay speakers

Philips is gearing up to release several new speaker systems that feature Apple's AirPlay wireless connectivity--including one shaped like a doughnut.

The portable Philips Fidelio DS3881W is due to hit stores this holiday season for $329. Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive

The CEA had its yearly line show earlier this week and we spent a little time in the Philips booth checking out several new audio products the company intends to release this year, including a handful of AirPlay-enabled speakers.

In case you don't know what AirPlay is, it's a wireless-streaming feature found on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or any Mac or Windows PC running iTunes (see "10 things you need to know about AirPlay" for more info). Right now you can only stream video to your TV using Apple TV but lots of AirPlay-enabled speakers are headed to the market for streaming audio.

Philips is about to release the $800 Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800W (see video below), which will also come in a more affordable $500 version this holiday season, the DS6800W. But perhaps the most striking new model is the AirPlay-enabled DS3881W, which is shaped like a doughnut, is portable (yes, it has a rechargeable battery), and features a "360-degree surround sound effect."

Philips says the 16-watt circular speaker is due out this holiday season for $329 MRSP. Check out editor Scott Stein's report in the video below.