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NYT's TimesPeople feature enters public beta

Similar to Facebook's news feed, TimesPeople lets you recommend stories, share them with your friends, and see what your friends are doing too.

TimesPeople toolbar
The TimesPeople toolbar shows the latest activity in your social circle.

The New York Times has started rolling out TimesPeople, a sharing-and-recommending tool that the publication first announced earlier this year. It's essentially an extension of the free user accounts that are already required to read the Times' Web site: You can now build up a friends list, recommend stories to people you know, and see what they've been recommending or commenting on.

In other words, it's a social news feed for Times readers. You can also sync it up with your Facebook account to push your feed--stories you've commented on or recommended--to your profile on the social network.

We first reported on the debut of TimesPeople in June, when it was still being tested as a Firefox plugin. Now it's been fully worked into the site with no download required.