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NY's Museum of Modern Art gets Wi-Fi and podcasts, courts iPhone users

The installation of an internal Wi-Fi network will mean that visitors can access audio tours and other content on mobile devices with HTML browsers--in other words, iPhones.

The legendary Museum of Modern Art in midtown Manhattan just got a bit more...modernized.

MoMA announced Monday that it has installed a museum-wide Wi-Fi network so that visitors can access a mobile Web site on handheld devices with HTML browsers, which basically means Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. They can then load up audio tours and commentary; content is available in eight languages as well as in specialized versions for children, teenagers, and the visually impaired.

It's not clear whether the museum Wi-Fi will also let visitors access the Web as a whole, or just the internal museum site. Requests for clarification were not immediately answered.

Additionally, MoMA has put its library of audio and video programming into podcast format for Apple's iTunes Store's iTunes U education section: current and past audio programs, content from panels and lectures, and video clips from exhibit installations and artist interviews.

Museum visitors who are particularly information-hungry can also now use "interactive kiosks" in the form of a number of Apple's iMac computers stationed around MoMA, featuring detailed museum information, artist biographies, events listings, and e-card services.