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Nyko improves on Charge Station by adding a battery meter

Nyko has announced a new and improved Charge Station featuring a battery meter that displays real-time charging information.


If there's one accessory we'd label as a must-have for the Nintendo Wii, it would be the Nyko Charge Station. The company also recently released a Quad Charge Station, allowing you to simultaneously store and charge up to four Wii remotes.

At CES, Nyko has announced a successor to the Charge Station, the EX. However, the only real upgrade is the addition of a battery meter on the actual charging dock designed to take the guesswork out of potentially premature charging. The Charge Station EX will also come with custom grip battery controllers just like the original.

Either way, if you're still looking for a great way to store and charge your Wii controllers all while adding improved grip, we'd recommend waiting for the Nyko Charge Station EX when it's available in April for $35.