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Nvidia's next GeForce in a month?

Nvidia's next GeForce in a month?

We saw the link to this CoolTechZone story this morning on Blue's News. Seems an "insider" of unknown affiliation suggested that Nvidia may announce its GeForce 7800 GT 3D card at this year's QuakeCon, a massive LAN party of id Software enthusiasts held in Grapevine, Texas, from August 11-14.

Nvidia wouldn't confirm the rumor for us, but it would shock no one if it were true. But it would be shocking if ATI hasn't released anything new by then. Since ATI announced (but has yet to start selling) its Crossfire dual-graphics card setup back in May, the Canadian Nvidia competitor has been quiet, even in the face of Nvidia launching its flagship next-gen card, the GeForce 7800 GTX. Rumors of ATI's next-gen R520 3D chip persist as well. Stay tuned.