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Nvidia's Hybrid SLI: Power when you need it, efficiency when you don't

In an apparent answer to similar AMD technology, Nvidia is working on a dual-graphics solution it's calling Hybrid SLI.

Nvidia apparently has an answer to AMD's Power Xpress hybrid graphics technology. AMD announced last December that its forthcoming Puma mobile platform (due in the first half of 2008) will introduce Power Xpress, which lets laptops switch between discreet graphics when plugged in and integrated graphics when running on battery power.


According to reports, Nvidia is working on a similar but slightly different dual-graphics solution it's calling Hybrid SLI. When running on battery power, Hybrid SLI, like AMD's Power Xpress, will run solely on integrated graphics. When connected to a wall socket, however, both the discreet graphics and the integrated graphics will be put to use. One potential use for the integrated graphics chip in this scenario would be to carry out physics calculations while the graphics card(s) are busy pushing pixels.

While AMD is concentrating solely on the mobile market for its Power Xpress technology, Nvidia is looking to put Hybrid SLI in both laptops and desktops. The benefit for laptops, of course, is improved battery life for systems with power-hungry, discreet graphics. For desktops, Hybrid SLI can not only help lower electric bills but also boost performance by letting the integrated graphics assist the dedicated graphics with demanding applications, including 3D games. According to the report, Nvidia is set to release Hybrid SLI in the "coming year."

[Via The Tech Report]