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Nvidia unveils gaming console at CES 2013

CES 2013 kicks off with a flood of announcements: Nvidia is making its own portable gaming console, Fitbit takes on Nike with a Flex wristband monitor, and cars are packing more apps into the dashboard.

Monday's CNET Update from CES 2013:

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There's a flood of news to digest at the International CES, but I got you covered. Update will sum up highlights of CES each day in a handy-dandy three minute video. The show floor officially opens Tuesday, but here are some stories already getting buzz:

- Computer chip maker Nvidia announced that it's getting into the hardware business and making its own quad-core portable gaming console.

- Fitbit unveiled the Flex, a fitness-tracking wristband that will compete with the Nike FuelBand and Jawbone Up.

- Garmin wants to go beyond the GPS and build an entire car dashboard. It's showing off the K2 infotainment platform.

- Car makers are pushing more apps into cars. Ford is letting drivers share their destinations and routes with friends with the Glympse app on Sync AppLink. Chevy is adding the TuneIn internet radio app to give drivers access to 70,000 global radio stations.

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