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Nvidia Titan Xp ups its game a little

The company squeezes out a bit more juice for every-frame-counts gamers. Plus, it delivers Mac drivers for Pascal-based cards.


Bringing its top-end graphics card up to speed for 2017, Nvidia's updated its Titan X monster gaming GPU with a bump up in CUDA cores and increased memory bandwidth for the Titan Xp. It's already been slipped into the line replacing the X.

More cores -- the Xp has 3,840 vs. the X's 3,584 -- allows for a greater number of processing threads, which theoretically helps render faster and at higher quality. Its memory speed goes from 10 gigabits per second to 11.4 Gb/sec, with an effective increase in bandwidth from 480 gigabytes per second to just under 548 GB/sec. That should translate into higher frame rates at better quality, though it remains to be benchmarked to see what the effective performance boost really is.

Otherwise, the Xp's specs are similar to the X's, and it looks like it uses the same card layout and design; it also bears the same price, $1,200 (£1,159). I don't think it's available yet in Australia, but the US price directly converts to roughly AU$1,590.

More notable for some, the company has delivered driver support for its Pascal cards running in the old PCI-e Mac Pro or in the current tubular model with an external PCI-e to Thunderbolt chassis.