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Nvidia shows off GeForce 700M GPUs for notebooks

The company's technology is designed to save a notebook's battery life and enhance the overall performance of those devices.

The Nvidia GeForce GT750M
The Nvidia GeForce GT750M Nvidia

Nvidia yesterday announced five new notebook GPUs designed to deliver the enhanced performance in the devices they're running on.

Collectively known as the GeForce 700M line of GPUs, the chips -- the GT 750M, GT 745M, GT 740M, GT 735M, and GT 720M -- are designed to enhance performance without requiring user input. The GPUs include Nvidia's Boost 2.0 technology, which adjusts clock speed to maximize graphics performance when it's needed. The chips can also enhance battery life, and software that comes with the chips lets users modify visual settings for PC games.

Nvidia's three top GPUs -- the GT 750M, GT 745M, and GT 740M -- come with more power and are designed for those seeking higher graphical performance. The company's GT 735M and GT 720M are for more mainstream customers who want better performance, but don't want to spend extra cash on a higher-end product.

The 700M GPUs are available now. Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo, among others, plan to bundle the GPUs into some of their notebooks.