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Nvidia Shield upgrade unlocks 120Hz mode and using your phone as a remote

The company celebrates its 20th software update by supporting faster displays and adding the ability to use your phone as remote control.


A year since it launched the new-and-improved model of its Android-based Shield video streaming and gaming console, Nvidia's still adding features in software. The latest update, Shield Software Experience Upgrade 7.1, includes support for 120Hz monitors (which can reduce tearing and other refresh-rate-linked artifacts). Its new Nvidia Shield TV app for iOS and Android makes logging in to various services a lot easier as well as providing an onscreen keyboard and mouse emulation. 

Nvidia announced the changes on its blog; those changes include in-game chat support for the GeForce Now beta via a headset connected to the 3.5mm jack on the controller, the return of screenshots, game highlights recording and streaming gameplay to Twitch, and new ways to power off, restart and sleep.

It's possible the 120Hz support augurs the availability of the compatible 65-inch Big Format Gaming Displays, a platform which Nvidia announced in January at CES 2018 and which we've been expecting by the end of the year.