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NutriBullet blenders are all 25% off right now (yes, the entire line)

Get blending this spring.

Being less than 20 yards from the fridge at all times for weeks on end is a dangerous game. There's really no time like the present to employ some healthy eating practices (am I right, my fellow quarantined friends?) and some simple hardware could help make that happen.

Right now, the entire line of NutriBullet blenders is 25% off with code TAKECARE through April 5. That includes the signature personal push-top blenders, the TV-famous Magic Bullet blender and larger blender models perfect for bigger kitchen jobs. Let's take a look at a few favorites in each category. Find the entire line of NutriBullet blenders here.

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This is the blender helper that started it all for NutriBullet. The Magic Bullet chops, blends and mixes in seconds with a simple push of the top. Easy as anything and small enough to fit almost anywhere. 


The original NutriBullet, this compact yet powerful personal blender is a step up from the Magic Bullet in terms of overall oomph. A good buy if you plan to use your personal blender on most days instead of just occasionally.


Go big with the power and precision of this full-sized NutriBullet blender. This model features multiple speeds, a pulse function and a vented lid for hot ingredients. If your blending needs go beyond a smoothie or single-serve soup, this is an excellent option.

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