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Numark announces iDJ2

Numark announces iDJ2

Of the many, many iPod accessories that have crossed my path, one of the seemingly coolest was the Numark iDJ. Of course, once we found out that the iDJ lacked pitch control--a critical feature that allows DJs to slow down or speed up tracks in order to control tempo and match beats more effectively--the shine quickly wore off. Enter the iDJ2. The second version of the iDJ not only adds this important capability but also does away with the need for a second iPod--you require just a single iPod to start mixing tracks. But if you want to hook up another 'Pod--or just another mass-storage device, such as an external USB hard drive--you can do so through the iDJ2's rear-panel USB ports. There are also line inputs for audio sources such as mics and more traditional turntables. Other features include seamless looping; a multiline backlit display; real-time visual cues such as waveforms; the ability to play two songs from the same iPod; scratch-and-search capability via two large jog wheels; XML playlist support; and USB keyboard support. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Yeah, we think so too, which is why we've requested one. Stay tuned for our full review.