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Nuance Dragon TV roars for attention

The move by Nuance is especially notable given all the chatter about Apple someday delivering a TV connected with its Siri software.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Nuance is known for its voice-to-text software. Nuance

Nuance Communications, the leading voice recognition software company, is jumping into the TV market.

The company said Monday--at the International Consumer Electronics Show--that it will launch Dragon TV, a voice and natural language platform for TVs, devices and set-top boxes. The idea is that Nuance’s software would be included in these devices. Nuance’s move is notable as chatter about Apple delivering a TV connected with its Siri software heats up. Nuance appears to be going for the broad-partnership-in-multiple-devices approach.

Dragon TV, the name of Nuance’s system, will be designed to allow voice to replace remotes and connect couch potatoes to content, tweets, and Facebook.

According to Nuance, Dragon TV will allow viewers to navigate listings, ask questions about content and timing, and find genres to watch. Dragon TV aims to integrate social applications and communication tools, connect to listing, and allow for messaging. Nuance’s Far-Talk technology will be able to home in on your voice.

On the business front, the TV market is another key vertical for Nuance to exploit. The company is dominant in the auto, mobile, and health care markets.

This story originally appeared at ZDNet's Between the Lines under the headline "Nuance gets jump on voice activated TV."