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NTT DoCoMo does it the dual way for games

This gaming phone has two chips: one to handle the device's primary functions, while the other focuses on gaming graphics.

Crave Asia

Good things come in pairs--and NTT DoCoMo does just that at CommunicAsia in Singapore.

We spotted one of its phones, the P906i, running Ridge Racer 7 and the otakus' favorite, Gundam, in full 3D glory. What surprised us was that each game has a maximum file size of only 1MB, yet the graphics and frame rate were smooth and comparable to handheld gaming consoles.

A representative from the Japanese company told us the phone has two processors inside, much like many newer PCs. However, instead of working together, these two chips function independently. One will handle the device's primary functions, while the other will focus on gaming graphics. This not only allows graphics-intensive games to be run on mobile devices, but it also solves the old problem of software lag.

Sadly, the rest of us in Asia can only envy the Japanese for having all the fun stuff. Me? I'm resigned to the fate that the only game I can play on my phone right now is Mini-Golf: Castles. (Get more CommunicAsia 2008 coverage here.)

(Source: Crave Asia)