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NQ Mobile nabs former Microsoft, Samsung exec

Gavin Kim, who had a short stint on Microsoft's Windows Phone team, is re-grouping with his former Samsung colleagues at the mobile security provider.

NQ Mobile continues to stock up on talent from Samsung Electronics.

Gavin Kim, chief product officer of NQ Mobile. NQ Mobile

The latest executive to join the mobile-security provider is Gavin Kim, previously the general manager of product marketing for Microsoft's Windows Phone team. Prior to that, he served as vice president of content, services, and enterprise business with Samsung Mobile. He will serve as chief product officer for NQ Mobile.

The move marks a reunion of sorts, as he re-teams with former Samsung executive and current NQ Mobile co-CEO Omar Khan, as well as communications director Kim Titus, who also worked at Samsung. Kim will help Khan work toward expanding NQ Mobile's business in the U.S. and global markets.

The company has been trying to make a mark with its mobile security apps but faces significant entrenched competitors. Khan was brought in a few months ago to help build new relationships with carriers and other business partners. There's been a heightened increase in interest in mobile security, with companies looking to protection as another potential service. Deutsche Telekom today partnered with Lookout Mobile to bring security apps to Europe.

Kim had a brief stint at Microsoft prior to joining NQ Mobile, where he helped with the marketing for Microsoft's Windows Phone, including the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900. He also helped with application and developer outreach efforts at Microsoft.