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HTC says it will ship Vive VR system within three days

The virtual-reality system is available to check out in person at more than 100 retail locations throughout the US.

The HTC Vive headset welcomes you to the jungle.

The HTC Vive headset welcomes you to the jungle.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Ready to have a virtual-reality system in your home this week? HTC says is now selling the Vive online and will ship the gadget internationally within two to three days of purchase.

You can check out the virtual-reality system in person at over 100 retail locations throughout the United States.

Starting now, you can demo the headset and two wireless controllers at select Microsoft, GameStop and Micro Center stores throughout North America. A representative will be at each store to guide the public through first-time experiences, but there's no word yet on which games will be available to play. Either way, keep your phone ready to record reactions because they're usually pretty funny.

The HTC Vive's price of $799 (£549, AU $1,022) might seem like a lot to drop on gaming hardware, especially if you're not a hardcore gamer. But just wait until you try it out. I'm a notorious game-hater myself (only because I suck at them), but even I turned into a believer after playing games like Tilt Brush and The Lab.