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Now you'll know when a business hits back at your bad Google review

Make sure you didn't say anything too mean.


Your reviews won't be floating in the ether anymore.  


A new feature in Google Reviews will ping you with a notification whenever a business responds to a review you've left on its page. 

That means whenever you slam that cat cafe for "not enough seal-point Siamese" or "too much cat hair in my cake", you'll be sent an email to inform you when the business responds to defend itself, say it's sorry or spit vitriol back at you. 

Of course, the same notification will appear if you leave a nice review.

The update, published on Google's advertiser community page, said the notification functionality will soon be coming to mobile in the form of a push notification. A delay of five minutes happens between the business posting the reply and the notification being sent, presumably to allow time to rethink the string of curse words it first sent.